Choosing the Right Online Logo for Your Online Store

Your logo seems like such a small part of your online store. After all, your customers are looking at your products, right? An online logo is an afterthought.

Your company’s logo is the most prominent form of branding your store will have. A logo can go on a receipt, a letterhead, a t-shirt, banner, as well as every page of your online store. It is also typically in one of the more prominent places website users look according to eye-tracking studies. It’s how your customers identify you.

What should you consider when choosing a logo?

  • Simplicity: It is important to stand out when creating a logo. However, if standing out means creating something that can’t be replicated across multiple mediums, you could be stuck with something that limits your marketing efforts. Be sure to use a logo that does not involve a photograph, intense drop shadows, and does not overwhelm the overall look and feel of your site. Such detail looks nice on a full scale, but tends to get blurred when an image is shrunken down.
  • Color Selection: Less can be more when it comes to color. Be sure to keep the colors to a minimum. One or two colors is ideal. People have cognitive and emotional responses to colors, so four or five can make for confusing branding. If you are having a hard time choosing, take a look at this article on the different emotional responses to colors in Entrepreneur. Remember also that your logo should look good in black and white as well, since this is how it would appear on a letterhead or a receipt.
  • Longevity: How long do you plan to keep this store? If you understand that what you sell will probably just be a passing fad, then creating a logo that is in line with current trends is okay. If you are wanting to keep your store long term, be sure to choose a somewhat classic style to ensure your branding has some staying power.

Your customers can’t see if you choose to wear a suit or t-shirt, cargo pants, and Birkenstocks. They don’t know if you or your employees are country or city dwellers. They see your site. Ensuring your online logo matches what you are all about will set the cornerstone for creating a solid brand people will be able to trust.

If you are a Volusion customer, you can purchase a logo design for $495.

Happy Selling!

4 Responses to “Choosing the Right Online Logo for Your Online Store”

  1. Phil Ellis

    Michelle, thanks for the reminder of the importance of the logo. I had missed the other post you referenced about using website appearance to direct customers to the action you want them to take. Keep the good information coming!

    Phil Ellis

  2. Andy Keeler

    We had a professional graphic designer work on our logo for quite a while until we found something we were happy with. We’ve already received a number of compliments on our logo and homepage design, and I would definitely recommend having a logo professionally designed.

  3. Tradeshowdirect

    Nothing worse than a poorly designed logo. It is definitely worth it to put in that extra time and money and come up with something spectacular

  4. Amy

    When attaining my graphic design degree, I learned quite a few things about logo creation from a seasoned pro:

    – – Shape, not line. Thin lines don’t translate well at various sizes. When icons are based on basic shapes, people recognize them faster. That’s a good thing.

    – – Solid color. Gradients can’t get sewn into a shirt.

    – – Easy to read typography. Nothing makes your business name forgettable like a complicated font.

    I could go on, but maybe these points will help someone choose or create the right logo for them.


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