Entrepreneur Magazine Names Volusion in “100 Brilliant Companies for 2009”

100 Brilliant Companies

KEntrepreneur Magazine recently rolled out their list of “100 Brilliant Companies,” which included Jitterbug, Volcom, and Volusion just to name a few! As Entrepreneur Magazine puts it, “Booze, Whoppers and lottery tickets are the only recession-proof commodities out there, but we’d add one more to the list: brilliant ideas. The 100 companies featured here are evidence that a little brainpower, determination and good timing can trump even the worst Pepto-Bismol market.”

Owners Kevin and Clay were notified that Volusion had been chosen for the distinction from Entrepreneur Magazine, but it was not until Clay was reading the latest issue as he waited for a flight back to Austin that it really sunk in. He notes, “I turned the page and there it was- Volusion had been named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s brilliant companies and I got a little choked up thinking about the incredible journey that got us here.”

It has been a long road getting to where we are now but there is still a lot of road ahead of us and we are dedicated to making the journey together. We would like to thank all of our customers and employees for forging the partnership to make Volusion what it is today and shaping what it will be tomorrow!

11 Responses to “Entrepreneur Magazine Names Volusion in “100 Brilliant Companies for 2009””

  1. ReShon Anderson

    Congrats, Volusion team! It’s definitely well deserved! We love you guys!

  2. Bea

    Congratulations!!! That’s fabulous!!

  3. Linda Cramer

    Great Job Volusion Thank you for providing a great site for us. I look forward to seeing where you will go.

  4. Tom

    good job guys, well done !

  5. Tim

    We are so happy for you and thanks for providing a REAL live chat to SharpContacts.com ~~~

  6. Pam

    Great news! We have loved working with your company for years. Glad to see your excellent service is being recognized.

  7. Jason

    Congrats! Your company deserves it. I’m sure you guys have helped many entrepreneurs achieve their dream.


  8. Car Radios

    Great job! I am new to Volusion and am glad I made the switch. I was contemplating a couple of other platforms and am extremely happy with your service so far.

  9. sach

    Congrats !!! Volusion team

  10. Derek

    Great work guys and congratulations. Your product offering is top notch and this is a well deserved accolade.

  11. Victoria

    I’m not a Volusion store owner but I’m really impressed with the info provided on this blog. I’ve also noticed many volusion stores doing quite well in the search engines.

    I will definitely be able to use some of this info for SEO purposes and am seriously considering a Volusion store for a future site. Congratulations and keep up the good work!


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